Zantharot the Lizard Champion

Scale: 28mm
Sale price$20


Every ten years in the Goldmaw Lizard tribe a Ritual Pit Fight take places to appease the wrath of the gods. Being the winner and only survivor of the ritual arena fights, Zantharot has been elected as Goldmaw Champion. Taking the role of a one-man-army, he often fight the outsiders side to side with Xol'Toa the Goldmaw Prince. This model is meant to be huge! You can use it as special boss for your rpg encounter, or as special unit for your war-games
  • Epic Boss.
  • Large size printed to 32mm or 28mm scale.
  • Model supplied as 5 pieces.
  • Supplied with base.

Design by Artisan Guild.

Please tag @brixminis on Instagram with printed photos.


This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Artisan Guild models, obtained
through the Artisan Guild Patreon, Shop or “AMAZONS!” Kickstarter. Original digital .stl
files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: ),or at MyMiniFactory (at: )

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