Pope Blobulblà

Scale: 28mm
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The mad Pope Blob-Bulb, called also Blobulblà the Tide-Caller by his lunatic underlings, the Low-Tide Jurakin. He is the highest religious authority in the Death-Tide Kingdom – In charge of their dark rituals and other spiritual matters. Jurakin Popes tend to have short careers – and lives – as their position on the front lines involve the casting of Soul Spells that send their Low-Tide warriors berserk. Thus affected, the warriors will often turn on the casters and devour them in a bloody frenzy.


  • Printed to 32mm or 28mm scale.
  • 25mm base.

Design by Artisan Guild.

Please tag @brixminis on Instagram with printed photos.


This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Artisan Guild models, obtained
through the Artisan Guild Patreon, Shop or “AMAZONS!” Kickstarter. Original digital .stl
files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at:  
https://www.patreon.com/ArtisanGuild ),or at MyMiniFactory (at:
https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Artisan_Guild )

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