Firbolg Ranger

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He stands on a rocky outcropping, still against the slate-grey sky. The wolf at his side is a warm presence against the icy wind that tears at his cloak. Before and below him, a pine forest stretches out across the snow-white ground towards the Jade Mountain Range, visible only as a black line against the horizon.
The wolf keeps pace some distance to his right as he makes his way into the trees. He walks for a short time, stops every now and then, tilts his pointed ears to the wind. Finally, he comes across a small mound in the snow. Toeing aside the rime, he uncovers burnt sticks, a couple of small bones – the remains of a campfire. He checks the string on his bow, pulls his cloak tightly around him, and sets off deeper into the forest at a jog, the grey wolf a constant presence in the grim white of winter.


  • Printed to 28mm scale.
  • Supplied with generic 25mm base.

Design by Ghamak.

Please tag @brixminis on Instagram with printed photos.

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