Firbolg Monk

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The waterfall roars into a pool at the base of a small cliff. A Firbolg man stands shirtless beneath the torrent, eyes closed, beard and hair darkened by the water and sticking to his face and neck. He is still, a carved statue holding firm against the violent deluge. He seems unaware or, at the very least, unconcerned by the figures who stand around the pool watching him.
A stag appears at the edge of the pool, its brilliant antlers dewy in the early morning light. The Firbolg man steps out from under the fall and opens his eyes. The stag bows low, drinks briefly from the pool, and bounds off into the trees. People have come to challenge him once again.
He reaches the edge of the water and pulls himself onto the soft grass, skin still tingling. He gestures, and one of the younger clan members brings him his wraps – leather, worn soft after generations spent testing the warriors of the other clans. He wraps his knuckles slowly, as he walks barefoot through the trees.


  • Printed to 28mm scale.
  • Supplied with generic 25mm base.
  • Supplied with both fists and nunchucks.

Design by Ghamak.

Please tag @brixminis on Instagram with printed photos. 

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