Firbolg Druid

Style: Staff
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The long grass of the Heartmeadow, silver in the moonlight, ripples in the warm breeze that spills across the land. A herd of bison sleep like furred hills dotted across the landscape and, between them, a tall man moves.
He makes almost no sound, feeling his ways between the musty-furred creatures. He lifts his head  – broad face, flat nose and pointy ears – and breathes deep, smells the earthy humidity carried far from the eastern jungles to him here, in his home. One creature looks up as he passes, and he kneels, presses a hand to the animal’s head and mumbles something quiet and calming. The creature returns to its rest and the man stands tall, looking out over his home and the beasts in his care.
For now, all is well.


  • Printed to 28mm scale.
  • Supplied with generic 25mm base.
  • Options include with staff or claws.

Design by Ghamak.

Please tag @brixminis on Instagram with printed photos. 

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